Babes & Brews Crystal Grid Set

$46.00 USD

These Babes & Brews crystal grid sets were created with you, the Wholehearted Woman, in mind. Each grid set is comprised of a Star Rose Quartz sphere centerpiece, 4 Amethyst tumbled stones, 4 Rutilated Quartz tumbled stones, 4 raw Quartz points, and 1 doubled terminated polished Quartz activator point. A small clear sphere stand comes with your order as well, so you can display your set easily right when you receive it. Tax is already included in the listing price. 

The Star Rose Quartz sphere supports heart chakra energy, self love & your wholehearted essence. It's the perfect crystal for balancing your heart center & enhancing self worth & confidence, with the additional benefit of energetic amplification from the Rutile within the stone, which creates the star effect (the star is revealed when a flash or bright light is shown on the stone).

The Amethyst tumbled stones support mental clarity, calmness & spiritual protection. Amethyst is a multipurpose crystal that enhances your higher chakras & is a great ally when it comes to breaking through old habits. The Rutiliated Quartz tumbled stones are awesome for setting intentions, amplifying them & grounding them into this reality. The raw Quartz termination points are for energetic amplification & directing the energy as well. And the polished double terminated Quartz point is perfect for activating the crystal grind and uniting the energy of all of the stones.



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