Clear Quartz Double Terminated Cluster for Amplifying Intentions

$88.00 USD

This listing is for one Clear Quartz cluster of double terminated crystal points. This piece measures approximately 3.5" x 2.25" x 3". Tax is already included.

Clear Quartz is a multi-purpose stone of amplification and programability. It can be programmed with any intention, and it energetically magnifies that intention when set. It's a high frequency crystal of spiritual awareness and clarity as well. 

This Clear Quartz cluster is comprised of so many double terminated crystal points, and such interesting crystal formations, including twin points as well. Double terminated crystals both send and receive energy, and twin crystal points call in balanced energies. So, this piece is fantastic for balancing, and sending and receiving whatever energy you program it with.

Another really interesting thing about this piece is that when you hold it at a certain angle, it looks like a unicorn.


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