Customizable Free Spirit Crystal Set - B&B

$35.00 USD

Each of the Babes & Brews crystal sets were created with you, the Wholehearted Woman, in mind. These sets focus on embodying the energy of what it means to be a free spirit. We started with these 3 powerful crystal allies: Natural Citrine, Green Aventurine, and Selenite. The natural Citrine point is from Zambia, and it's the stone of confidence, manifestation, abundance, and prosperity. The Green Aventurine tumbled stone helps one to move forward in new or unfamiliar situations with optimism and hope. The raw Selenite wand was included as a stone of spiritual activation, to connect you to your Higher Self, your truest self. From there, we added 2 "add on" stone options to complete your set and enhance your free spirit essence. Each set consists of 4 crystals total. Tax is already included.


Free Spirit Crystal Set + Personal Truth & Freedom ADD ON Stone - This set includes a natural Citrine point, a Green Aventurine tumbled stone, a Selenite wand, PLUS an Amazonite tumbled stone to support harmony within yourself, and to help you manifest your desires and dreams. Amazonite is great for balancing your throat chakra & assisting you to embody and speak your personal truth. 


Free Spirit Crystal Set + Creative Flow & Bold Action ADD ON Stone - This set includes a natural Citrine point, a Green Aventurine tumbled stone, a Selenite wand, PLUS a Carnelian tumbled stone to enhance your courage, creativity, vitality, and life force energy. Carnelian is a stone of taking major action, so work with it to help accomplish your goals, and to take bold action in doing so.


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