Gold Mica with Green & Black Tourmaline for Empowerment

$44.44 USD

This listing is for one raw Golden Mica slab with Green and Black Tourmaline inclusions. It measures approximately 5.5" x 2.75" x .75". Tax is already included.

Gold Mica is a fantastic mineral to work with for its empowering frequencies. It's perfect for a confidence boost, and it can help to provide a sense of courage and empowerment. It's the perfect ally to support you in stepping into your own power and sovereignty.

The Green Tourmaline inclusions provide energies of self-healing, self-care, and balancing the heart center. It's also wonderful to work with to connect to the energy of nature and Mother Earth. The Black Tourmaline inclusions provide protective and grounding frequencies, while assisting in dispelling negative energies.


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