Green Tourmaline for Self-Care, Heart Healing & Nature Connection

$99.00 USD

This listing is for one raw Green Tourmaline crystal. It measures approximately 2.75" x 1.25" x 1.25". Tax is already included.

Green Tourmaline is a crystal of self-healing, self-care, and balancing the heart center. It's also wonderful to work with to connect to the energy of nature and Mother Earth. Green Tourmaline is perfect for those that enjoy working closely with plant and animal spirits, and it's great for gardeners or anyone caring for houseplants and growing plants as well. It also promotes physical vitality, power, courage, and endurance.

This heart healing crystal is the perfect addition to your crystal collection if you're looking to incorporate more self-healing and self-care into your life. Work with this crystal in meditation to call in the nature spirits, and align and balance your heart center with confidence and strength.


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