Shangaan Smoky Amethyst Scepter with Moving Enhydros of Transformation & Ancient Knowledge

$299.00 USD

This listing is for one Shangaan Smoky Amethyst scepter point with moving enhydros, phantoms, and red Hematite inclusions. It measures approximately 1.375" x 1" x 3". Tax is already included.

This rare Shangaan Smoky Amethyst scepter was ethically sourced from Zimbabwe, Africa, and it is a stone of epic transformation and unveiling hidden knowledge. Like other forms of Amethyst, Shangaan Amethyst helps one to let go and of (and break through) old habits and patterns. In general, Amethyst holds energies of spiritual connection, protection, and relaxation. Shangaan Amethyst offers the additional properties of feminine power and untangling timelines. This point's Hematite inclusions emanate grounding and stabalizing frequencies, and the Smoky Quartz aspect holds protective energies as well.

Enhydro crystals are especially rare, as they contain ancient fluid inside of them. The crystal formed around liquid and encased it within the stone. This particular crystal contains multiple moving bubble enhydro inclusions within the front sides of the points.

Scepter points are more rare than your average crystal point, and they occur when a Quartz point begins growing around a previously formed Quartz point. Scepters help to release trapped or dense emotions and frequencies (allowing for free energy flow), and they also assist in energizing one to take action towards their goals.


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